Banyoles capital of the Plan’ Pond

Banyoles Lake capiltal Plan

The town of Banyoles is the capital of the region of the Lake Plan, the center of Girona. Its main attraction, Lake, has become a dynamic city, open to others and entrepreneurship. Banyoles and its region is a place of great ecological interest, cultural and historical, and an inexhaustible source of tourist resources, sports and leisure.
The Lake, the canals and gardens, wooded areas, parks, jardins i zones verdes, part of our natural heritage that we enjoy and protect.
The quality of life in the city depends, among others, efficient management of public services, good use of resources and respect the environment.
That's why, promoting a series of actions for sustainability will help us to reconcile respect for the environment and the activities that we carry out in the city and nature.
Since the 90 EU subsidizes projects, Conservation of natural resources, in its member states through the LIFE-Nature funds. This is intended to protect and preserve those Sites of Community Importance (LIC) included in the proposed Natura 2000.
The Lake Natural Area declared Natural Interest (PEIN), presents one of the most important hydrogeological ecosystems of the Mediterranean region of the Iberian Peninsula, encompassing the whole of the Lake and surrounding lakes.
The area was benefited by the program through LIFE-Nature Project: Restoration of aquatic environments of Porqueres and Banyoles, for the period 2003-2007.
The project was awarded by the EC to councils of Porqueres and Banyoles. Both councils have as partners the Department of Environment and Housing of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Foundation Territory and Landscape of Caixa Catalonia. For the development of actions and the monitoring and development of the Project, • have the co-operation of a computer scientist at the University of Girona.