Calendar of summer festivals in the Garrotxa

Calendar of summer festivals in the Garrotxa

Calendar of summer festivals in the Garrotxa summer is synonymous with "holiday village". This 2017, September towns in the Bas Valley again held, as usual, their traditional Festivals: Joanetes, Pineapple, Hostalets d'en Bas, Puigpardines, Saint Privat, Mallol and the St. Stephen.

Joanetes (15, 21, 22 i 23 July)

First of all. Juanetas begins with two summer weekends Festival: on Saturday 15 night will XXVII with Backbone Jumpack and breakfast when the sun comes up, Next will be held in the village feast championship with sausage, Ms. concert. Karma, Sardanes and activities for children. During the two festival nights in the town will be free bus service.

the Pineapple (29 i 30 July)

The festival will start on Saturday afternoon with the championship trick and animation for children. Follow the popular dinner and magic show. Jumpack mark into the night until dawn compass. The next Sunday there will be a Mass, bouncy castles and theater.

Hostalets d'en Bas (11, 12, 13, 14 i 15 August)

The party making the longest of all festive Virgin August. One of the most important events will be the traditional Rural Challenge to be held on Saturday 12. In the three party nights can enjoy dancing with the group and Leo Rosamari, habaneras inland and concert Blackiss.

Puigpardines (12, 14 i 15 August)

Match Hostalets, but only have two party nights. On Saturday 12 July will Trunika mobile disco with Mark and Monday 14, generation 3 organize dance with hot chocolate. There will be free bus service for Saturday night.

Saint Privat (18, 19 i 20 August)

The popular dinner and the performance in Peyu Start on the village feast. The next day there will be activities for all ages as sardanes, football match, trick or championship with children's entertainment Jordi Tonetti. The festival will be Saturday night at the iconic town square with the third annual Summer Carnival. Performing group Coverplay DJs and Loyv and BRF.

La Vila del Mallol (25, 26 i 27 August)

The penultimate event of the summer in La Vall d'en Bas begin with XXVII timed a fourth set of Friday afternoon. It will be the beginning of the festival will continue with the popular dinner, V Championship Titius at two in the morning and music until the sun comes up.

The next Saturday 26 August, The events begin in the afternoon with the championship trick, cake contest, football match and foam party. The evening will be presented by Mark and DJ Trunika Kürbis. There will be free bus.

The festival will end Sunday Mallol 27 the seventh-Race Walk, Sardana dance and the Estruga Maigarda, Witch of the town.

Sant Esteve d'en Bas (15,16, 17 i 18)

Passing the Festival of Tura, still be a party last summer, will be in Sant Esteve d'en Bas. The population will begin four days of celebration with the hanging of the donkey and the church concert of Miguel Roig.

Saturday will be the seventeenth Reduced engine karts and without dance in the town square. Giants go out on Sunday 17 September accompanied the Wise Donkey. The festival will close Monday tornaboda the most popular dances of the nonsense.

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