Seminars in Systemic Constellations but Ombravella

Systemic constellations

Seminars but Ombravella

Systemic Constellations is one of several joint seminars professuonals different disciplines organized in full Garrotxa Mas Ombravella. In Mieres surrounded by nature and is an ideal entor to convey theoretical knowledge practical co. So let us hope that the next seminar will be of your interest.

Seminars Garrotxa

On Systemic Constellations 31 But in January Ombravella (Garrotxa, Girona)


12'Oo pm:

  • Presentation of constellations systematic training in assisted horses (second edition)
  • What are and how we can help
  • demonstration.

14’00 hours:

  • Dinar (must bring it home to share tea)

15’00 hours:

  • constellations

Systemic Constellations by Imma Perez and Lopez

Systemic constellations facilitator and assisted with horses

Com called an equine caretaker

An expert in nonverbal communication horse

Of special guest

  • Anna Alvarez Crispi

We look forward to our farmhouse, catering apartments in full Garrotxa has not del Natural Park of the volcanic area Garrotxa and people of Mieres. we have’ apartments for these last days if you need accommodation in the countryside. Our house has five fully equipped apartments to enjoy our surroundings.



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