The volcano Santa Margarita is all

The volcano Santa Margarita is all

The volcano Santa Margarita is all. One of the most famous volcanoes Garrotxa public hands will soon. The Government and the Provincial Government to buy more than one million euros volcano Santa Margarita from Santa Pau, hitherto belonged to a family of Olot. The Cabinet has given the green light to the transaction, ensuring the protection of one of the most attractive tourist areas and geological region.

The volcano Santa Margarita Santa Pau is one of the most iconic Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and one of the most visited in the region. Interestingly, although part of a nature reserve, is within a private estate. The two brothers who inherited Olot residents have watched it so far for its good and its accessibility, who decided to sell it to the public Catalan, given its heritage value.

The Spanish Council of Ministers authorized the agreement a few days ago that the Government and the Provincial Council of Girona becomes the property of the volcano Santa Margarida. The price of the volcano is one million one hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred and twenty-nine euros, the two organizations will provide the 50%. Santa Margarita has a single crater, a Romanesque chapel in the center, which is owned by the Diocese of Girona. The estate also includes a house and a former agricultural land.

The purpose of the purchase is to avoid the risks posed by the public use of a protected area that is privately owned. Now that the volcano will become publicly owned is also ensures the preservation, would not be guaranteed if changes propitaris.

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