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Rural apartment Garrotxa

Area Cycling Mas Ombravella Rural Apartments Garrotxa

Information on activities related to cycling and bike rides by the Garrotxa.

Collect resources, routes and places to consider for this wonderful place gaudor.

Area Cycling Mas Ombravella Rural Apartments Garrotxa

Cycling in the Valley Mieres, Garrotxa on wheels

Cycling-to-it-Mieres Garrotxa

Enjoy the Garrotxa on wheels, cycling in the land of volcanoes

The Garrotxa is one of the best places to practice cycling in Catalonia. Olot is a key, since it's about obligatory to link the Greenway with Iron Greenway Carrilet. The link can be made through two different routes: The first of Sant Joan de les Abadesses Olot passing Santigosa neck and neck in Coubet, using the old GI-521; and second through Santa Lucia Puigmal Vall de Bianya. Olot is the recommended starting point for cycling route Carrilet, since much of the journey to Girona is declining.

A banda, to Garrotxa There are several routes signposted called Secrets of the Greenways what, from Greenway, reveal territory bike : La Vall de Bianya, manor houses and crops; Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Volcano forests; Les Preses, crib Verntallat – riots remences; Olot, beech among volcanoes; Olot, The art of landscape and Planes, spaces and domains – riots remences.

Besalú, meanwhile, has the Green Belt, a spacious walk to the river Fluvia roadworthy bike.

Mountain biking trails in the Garrotxa

MTB-to-it-Mieres GarrotxaThe mountain bike lovers have at their disposal several routes that pass, in practically all, by Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa. Some of the routes are signposted by the City of Dams, and the other is the number Natural Park itineraries 3, 19, 21 i 15 -Can Passavent up where bicycling is permitted. Besalú also has several trails suitable for mountain biking. The Palau Robert proposes, turn, other routes, some of which are not marked.

A Mieres, have different layouts facilities But Ombravella:

But Ombravella 1: Ombravella-Santa Pau-Ombravella.

output But Ombravella a Mieres the region of Garrotxa, ascent to the Sierra de Windows, get into the Dark Beech, Raft through the direction of the Windy Fire, down the source Poor, Can recharge Xell, return home to Coll-wei. For me the best route for their, require, fun and changing. (

But Ombravella 2: Ombravella-Pujarnol-Ombravella.

output But Ombravella a Mieres the region of Garrotxa, ready, one gains more ground-breaking, Check that you feel Biker. Route guidance without difficulty, but the hardest. Rocacorba Plan views of the lake and Cap de Creus.

But Ombravella 3. Ombravella-Besalú-Ombravella.

output But Ombravella a Mieres the region of Garrotxa, Turn to the, go through Sanctuary Collel, Briolf to turn and fall Besalú, through rivers and streams. Very good track in the middle of forests. Ability to return to the track or the road Sant Ferriol in Banyoles Mieres. The longest, on arrival, lunch and siesta.

MasOmbravella 4. Ombravella-Can Tura-Ombravella: gastronomy.

output But Ombravella a Mieres the region of Garrotxa, 9km climb to Windows to burn calories, 11km of descent in Sant Aniol de Finestres, to Can Tura, if you end up with the amount of food you serve and return to Ombravella, is that you are a champion.

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