We begin a new era

We begin a new era

Iniciem una nova etapa a Mas Ombravella a la Garrotxa

We begin a new era, after more than five years Casa Rural with Tourist Apartments But Ombravella opens to publicize our environment, not only for the family holidays but we have made a firm proposal could dinatmitzar our environment with a wide range of proposals that enjoy Mieres i the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

We begin a new era and for this reason we opened a new portal proposals aimed at cycling, the hiker, the mushroom and customers with certain age who wish to enjoy the tranquility and leisure possibilities, culture and cuisine of our environment.

Si be, But Ombravella becoming a benchmark of’ allotjament a la Garrotxa per les seves instal.lacions i la granja com a referent de les experiències per mainada, no volem perdre amb aquest nou format el nostre ADN que ens identifica i tant ens agrada el Turisme per famílies i el Turisme de Natura.

We hope you enjoy our proposals!

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