The pig slaughter in Garrotxa

The pig slaughter in Garrotxa

Mas ritual Ombravella, pig slaughter

Pig slaughter house in Garrotxa Rural.-2

The slaughter of the house But Ombravella, we are accustomed to meet some friends and family to do the ritual in January, pig slaughter. For months our breed a pig farm that the time we get to fill our pantry of natural products from our own production.

This weekend we have worked hard with the help of our people throughout the handcrafted production and as a result we have well-filled pantry sausages, xoris, whips, loins, cured….

this ritual, very typical of our region Garrotxa, sempre el podem fer amb la col.laboració de veïns i veïnes amb molta experiència que ens il·lustren en tots els processos i formes de treballar aquesta antiga tradició.

The winter except it was too cold for the moment, a But Ombravella we are ready for the arrival of cold temperatures.

Pig slaughter in the Garrotxa Bed


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