Bicycles are also useful tips for winter

Bicycles are also for winter. 10 Useful Tips

But since Ombravella and superb surroundings to enjoy your bike we offer itineraries and routes to enjoy in winter. Our house boasts’ a space to store and prepare your biciclitetes during’ stay. We have no reason to not roll. We are preparing a space in our web thinking about you, l’ Space Rider

Bicycles are also for winter. 10 Useful Tips

1- Teoria of the 3 capes: If you do not know what that is, you can go noting. Whatever Outdoor activity is very important to the trunk than three layers of clothes.
• The first is that it is stuck to the skin should allow as quickly as possible to expel sweat from our skin. Never bring cotton shirts (terrible error) Technical but fast drying shirts.
• The second layer is warm, should not be too big, but also allows evacuating sweat and provide us with a little warm.
• Third layer; This layer should be that isolates us from wind and water. It also usually the most expensive because of the membrane which are made to be waterproof because it should allow the sweat expelled guarantees, it would be a simple plastic that is the only thing that causes condensation and accelerate our cooling.
2- Hands and feet; are body parts before start to suffer the rigors of the cold, because the distal parts of the body receive less heat input and are the first to be cool and we have to protect the best. Slippers and gloves with waterproof membrane, will completely change our perception of the cold. Forget plastics and inventions of this type, not for nothing may only worsen the situation.
3- The cap; It is not true that it is the part where we lose most of our body heat, according to a study in the journal British Medical Journal study conducted on this subject say that represents only 10% the heat perdem. But studies part, the cold head and ears is very painful. There are many artifacts to cover us both sides. The most important thing is that they are windproof and neither are too thick not to overwhelm and prevent the use of helmets.

4- The days are shorter and this must be taken into account when scheduling routes, if you're making a long run, better early dawn and reach the exit point, that laziness out later and that any setback (puncture, failure, drop) we do at night halfway. Baseball planned route, Look kilometers profiles and to adapt to our physical condition or that of our colleagues.
5- Look at the weather forecast, Today very little if they fail to do really bad, no et compliquis, “There are more days than sausages”. See if you have the urge to go out with our bike we will suffer more than necessary.
6- Take food that gives you energy whether prepared or homemade energy bars, però procura ser previsor i no quedar-te “apajarado” middle of the mountain, Winter requires a contribution “extra” d’energia, not simply move the bike also need to warm the body.

7- Hidrata’t, even if you have the discipline to follow desire to drink occasionally, the body is still consuming liquid even if you do not get thirsty. If you make an intermediate stop, it is worth putting up any hot drink for the body; a te, hot milk etc..
8- Use common sense: Lets say your family or friends will realize that the path, Take the phone battery and if possible a GPS, make sure you bring enough tools to be self-sufficient and always remember that the best company to go alone. If a companion picks, mai deixar-lo sol.

9-If you do not come out from home, but you will drive at a specific point it is advisable to wear exchange, because even the clothes we wear is very technical and very good, is clothes for exercise, how we stop and lower pulsation, our bodies start losing temperature. It is very important to get dry clothes and shelter, is one of the best feelings after a hard day of pedaling winter.
10-At the end of the road if you eat and drink, but any, have already done the hardest part is leaving a winter day pedaling, now it bothers getting body calories and alcohol gogo, While this occurs some whim but if you keep yourself in shape and take care of your body do not you spend the ritual supplies postruta.

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