Market Wine and cheese recommended by Mas Ombravella

Market Wine and cheese recommended by Mas Ombravella

On Saturday 10 October Passeig d'en Blay will host a market dedicated to wine and cheese stalls that bring together wines from different appellations of origin Catalan and the best handmade cheeses.

The walk to host Saturday at Blay 10 October for the first time all day, Market Wine and Cheese. It is an itinerant market which includes over twenty stalls where traditional products are leading wine and cheese. As for wines, Olot there will DO Emporda, DO Penedès Pla de Bages. And, table wines Calonge. Complete offer several fortified wines in barrel.

In the dairy market will be present cheesemongers Mas de la Vall d'en Bas with its organic cheese, among others; the cheese must Matthias Moià with all varieties of cheese including those made with buffalo milk; the dairy Roura-Soler of St. Paul continues his sheep cheese specialties, cabra i vaca; the dairy Artefor Vilassar de Dalt goat and sheep cheeses washed with seawater; Cheese and Quitèria, retaining all the properties of goat milk which made. Besides, there will be goat cheeses Canary.

Rounds craft market other products such as sausages known Gori Vall d'en Bas and craft beer Gargoyle, besides liquor, gingerbread, stuffed olives, shells, yogurt, cottage cheese and sugared puddings, among others.

The market for wine and cheese will strictly commercial aspect and a more informative, because it is home information panels which illustrate the importance of the elements involved in the process of making cheese, and wine, from the oak barrels used for corks to have let the wine breathe, as well as vines and grapes, in its various typologies.

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