Spring Promotion 4×2 in the Garrotxa. Rural apartment in Mieres

Spring Offer 4x2 in Garrotxa. Rural Rural apartment in Mieres

Apartments Rural Mas Ombravella

Spring Promotion 4×2 in the Garrotxa. Rural Rural apartment in Mieres

Benvinguda primavera a la Garrotxa Apartaments rurals Casa Rural a la natura amb granja

We want to celebrate with you during the two weeks’ arrival of spring in the Garrotxa. Nature explodes with temperatures that want to give entrance to good weather and a unique setting to enjoy the’ But Ombravella around the Valley Mieres. Family getaway to nature Garrotxa Apartments Mas Ombravella a proposal that we think you may like much. Uns dies de tranquilitat en plena natura i descobrir el nostre entorn.

Unplug and enjoy with your family or friends around us. La Vall de Mieres i l’ around the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone invites families to enjoy.

Our environment Mieres Valley invites you to enjoy the Garrotxa and Plan of’ Estany on podeu descobrir el Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa i els seus pobles medievals

Spring Promotion 4×2 Garrotxa Apartments in rural farm

Enjoy nature in the Garrotxa.

Spring Offer 4x2 in Garrotxa. Rural Rural apartment in Mieres


Accommodation in’ Seleción whole house or apartment.
Minimum four nights.
Free cot for children up to 3 years.
Farm visits scheduled times.
Using the outdoor barbecue.


No services specified.
Taxa turística.
Extra beds.


But bookings made directly Ombravella
Minimum four nights.
Entrada from 16’00 hours and departure at 18’00 hours.
Not allowed l’ d entry’ allowed in apartment.


Of 01 al 14 May 2017
TICKETS, Sunday or Monday.
DEPARTURES, Thursday or Friday.

REF: 17/D3


Type Apartment for 2 places Apartment for 4 places
Three nights 110’00€ / apartment 210’00€ / apartment

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