But Cookie Policy Ombravella house Garrotxa

But Cookie Policy Ombravella house Garrotxa


This supplement is Cookie Policy Privacy Policy Website www.masombravella.com (from now on, he “Website”) ownership XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (From now on, “BUT OMBRAVELLA”). By accessing and browsing the website, or use the services of the same, imply acceptance of the provisions of the Legal website and its Privacy Policy.

To facilitate navigation on the website, BUT OMBRAVELLA, established the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , NIF XXXXXXXXXX, communicates using cookies or other files of similar functionality (from now on, the “Cookies”).


What unCookies?

Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information that are downloaded to the device when the user visits a web page. Its main purpose is to recognize the user each time you access the website allowing, Besides, improve quality and provide a better use of Web.

Cookies are essential to the operation Internet, as they help, among other functions, identify and resolve possible malfunctions of the Website.


Use of Cookies by MAS OMBRAVELLA

Access to the website implies express acceptance of the use of Cookies detailed in this Policy on those devices used to perform this access. If you disable cookies, you may use the Website is not optimal and some of the tools available to the website does not work properly.

specifically,, MAS OMBRAVELLA utilitzeu les Cookies per a la identificació d’aquells usuaris que accepten l’ús de Cookies per part del Lloc Web i permetre la instal·lació de les mateixes, allow users to log-in cases where this is necessary to access certain sections of Web, and remember log-in data of these users for future visits and thus offer a more comfortable browsing experience, and to evaluate the use of the site and the activity of the same.

Likewise, cookies help protect users from potential attacks that can receive third party.

own cookies

Cookies techniques and customization:

These cookies facilitate navigation and user access Web site in each of your visits to this and the use of different options or services it exist as, for example, the default language the user uses the Website.

User settings to prevent cookies

In compliance with current legislation, we provide you the information that you configure your browser / Internet browsers to keep your privacy and security in relation to cookies. That's why, we provide information and links to official sites of major browsers support so you can decide whether or not to accept the use of Cookies.

Like this, can block cookies through browser settings tools, or, you can set your browser to notify you when a server wants to save a Cookies:

Internet Explorer: Tools  Internet Options   Privacy Settings;
Firefox: Privacy Tools  Options    historical custom settings;
Chrome: Show advanced options configuration    Privacy Content settings;
Safari: Security Preferences .
If the user decides to disable cookies, the quality and speed of service may decrease. You can find more information on cookiess: www.allaboutcookies.org

If you have questions about this policy of cookies, MAS can contact OMBRAVELLA to reserves@masombravella.com.