Program Fair Bean of Santa Pau 2017

Fair Bean da Garrotxa

Program Fair Bean of Santa Pau 2017

Saturday 21 January

- At the 10 pm in the Assembly Hall Civic Center: CONCERT de La principal de Salarsa i Déu n’hi duo.

- At half Russet liquor and snacks for everyone and draw pig San Antonio. (Please be punctual).

Sunday 22 January

- From the 10: FAIR streets and squares of the city.
- From 2/4 d’11: Parade and street entertainment by the fanfare Only Marching Band, accompanied by an animator.
– A 3/4 from 11 am: SAN ANTONIO joys sung by the parish choir of St. Paul and Blessing of animals in front of the church.
- At the 11 Mass in the parish church in honor of St. Anthony Abbot, patron of the fair.
- At the 12 FESOLADA (tasting different dishes made with beans from Santa Pau) in the main square.
- To 1 noon: Parliaments of the present authorities and delivered MENT bean GOLD 2017 to close the Fesolada.

EXPOSURE CAN VAYREDA: flows, Berta pictorial project Prujà. Throughout the month of January, in the tourist office hours

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