Uncle Christmas Garrotxa 2016

Uncle Christmas Garrotxa

Rural Apartments in Mieres

Uncle Christmas Garrotxa. These weekends in December Mas Ombravella house apartments in the Garrotxa want to live the experience of going to hunt ment Christmas.

Uncle Christmas Garrotxa Mieres 2016

The mornings after the visit to the farm, proposemt you start out by different paths of our great land between roads and trails and go in search of each of the logs for families lodged. It's a trip full of uncertainty where we find the logs to decorate them later .

Uncle Christmas Garrotxa.

Temperes, papers de colors, aquarel·les, cola, Brushes, scissors, rules, a large assortment to decorate the trophy both large and small wanted, amb la col·laboració dels més grans guarnirem els nous vinguts . A fantastic morning where only necessary when they arrive at their new homes atypia inside and shit can force this Christmas. Would you live “But hunting agement Ombravella”.

Uncle Christmas Garrotxa


Accommodation in’ apartament selecionat.
Two nights accommodation.
Free cot for children up to three years.
The outdoor barbecue Us.
Depart ment in search of Christmas in the forest.


No services specified.
Occupancy Tax.
Extra beds.


Minimum two nights.
Input from them 16’00 and output at 12 hours’00 hours.
Not allowed l’ d entry’ pets apartments.
But bookings made directly Ombravella.
Check for any changes in dates.


Of 11 al 23 December 2015
(except the Immaculate Bridge)
REF: 16/D2


Type Apartment for 2 places Apartment for 4 places La Cabana for 4 places
Two nights 120’00€ / apartment 230’00€ / apartment 262’00€ / house

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